Antelope Point Marina

Antelope Point Marina is an exceptional recreational facility with quality services and amenities.

Taking its name from the pristine peninsula on which it is located Antelope Point Marina has been designed to blend with the exquisiteness of its surroundings. The dramatic red sandstone spires and majestic cliffs that rise from brilliant blue waters make Lake Powell a vacation like no other. Truly the ultimate destination for all global travelers.

Antelope Point Marina is a new architecturally significant marina on the southwest shores of Lake Powell. Located just seven miles from the City of Page Arizona the resort-marina is uniquely positioned within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

With its striking architecture generous use of glass and southwest design elements Marina Village adds to the magnificence of its backdrop while paying homage to Native American culture and the surrounding environment.

The result? A Marina unlike any other.

Antelope Point Marina
Navajo Route 22B
Page, AZ 86040