Antelope Canyon Tours

Upper Antelope Canyon

Tours to the Upper Antelope Canyon last 90-100 minutes from start to  finish. the drive to the canyon takes 20 minutes; 40 mins drive time - 50/60 mins spent at the canyon. 

Tour departs from 22 South. Lake Powell BLVD in Page, Arizona - we go to the canyon in our 4-wheel drive Tour Truck. Once we have arrived we will come off the truck and walk inside the canyon, with your tour guide(driver).  You can take pictures, hear some local history and most important admire the beauty of Antelope Canyon.

To enter the canyon is Very easy - we just simple walk right in (ground level). There are no heights involved, no ladders. Summers are hot and Winters are cold so dress appropriately. 


The mysterious and haunting beauty of Antelope Canyon (also known as "Corkscrew Canyon") awaits the adventurous traveler who seeks to discover one of the most spectacular -- yet little known attractions of the Lake Powell area. A tour to this awe-inspiring sculpture set in stone is a must for amateur and professional photographers alike. Come see nature's surprising masterpiece of color.

About The Tour: The tour involves us transporting you to the Upper Antelope Canyon in our 4-wheel drive tour trucks that is both rugged, safe and yet comfortable. Upon arrival at the Upper Antelope Canyon you will come off the truck and step into the desert and enter an amazing fantasy world of sandstone which has been carved by many years of wind and water. Our tour guides will explain some geology, cultural, history and some insights with camera settings

Vermilion Adventure Tours

White Pocket

Tour Duration: 8 hrs / Cost: Adults $200.00; Children $180.00 (12 and under) children under 2 free. Ride in comfort in our SUV to White Pocket; once we arrive on-site we are there for a maximum of 3 hours. Time spent will be for exploration and photography. Lunch is include, hiking is involved, water is provided.

Buckskin Gulch

Tour Duration: 7-8 hrs / Cost: Adults $200.00; Children $180.00 (12 and under) children under 2 free. For the avid hiker - we will explore the longest slot canyon known. Granted we may not have enough time to explore all 16 miles but with 3 hours on-site there is much to be discovered. Water is provided, lunch can be included or pack your own.

Thousand Pockets

Tour last 6-7 hours: Cost is $200.00 adults; $180.00 children (12 and under); children 2 and under free. more details coming.

We require two for the tour to go
if we do not reach two persons 7 days before we may have to cancel.
There is the option to pay for 2 spots too.

These tours do not include Antelope Canyon

Tour Times

Year Round - Daily Departure times: *7:00, 8:00, 9:30, **11:30, 13:30, 15:30 *16:30 *offered mid-March to mid-October
Photo Tours: In-Season: Departure times: 11:30 AM; 1:30 PM ( 1:30 pm reserved for special groups only - minimum 6 persons required) Off-Season: (November through February: Departure times: 9:30 AM (2 or more required); 11:30 AM ( 2 or more required).

Tour Prices