Amazed Photography

Each photo is minimally edited.  Ensuring the natural integrity of the landscape is preserved.  I want my clients to see the beauty of the landscape the way I see it through the lens.  Raw.  Untouched.  Amazing...


Each photo is printed on sturdy, UV resistant aluminum.  

This process intensifies your view... as if you are looking through a window.


We wander in deserts and forests.  My family and I...  we journey in sand and around geysers.  We venture where people haven't been in thousands of years.  We tread lightly, leave only footprints and take only photographs. 


With my family I trek deep into remote areas of Glen Canyon, Marble Canyon, the Paria and The Grand Staircase-Escalante.  We have hiked the back country of Wyoming & Montana. 


Some images are from locations easily identifiable  While most are not on any map.


I currently live in Cody, WY.      


My images are minimally edited and never with Photo Shop.  I strive to protect the integrity of the landscape I see through my lens.  I only print on metal and when asked, mount that print to authentic barn wood.


If there is an image you see and would like a particular size... fill out the Contact Me form or E-mail me your inquiry!



Enjoy the view!



Amazed Photography
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