Antelope Hogan Bed & Breakfast

Antelope Hogan Bed & Breakfast is a Navajo owned and operated company with the knowledge of traditional Navajo culture.

The goal of Antelope Hogan Bed and Breakfast is to provide guests with the experience of lodging in a traditional Navajo Hogan while being immersed in the culture that our ancestors created. Being in the hogan will put you in a place you've never been before to experience Mother Nature, herself, with star glazing at night to the sun waking you up in the morning to the beautiful sunrise with surreal colors. Guests will also be able to enjoy traditional Navajo food while being surrounded by the nature of our homestead. 

Each Hogan holds a maximum of 6 adults. For parties greater than 6, please reach out to us directly via phone or email so we can best accommodate you.


Antelope Hogan Bed & Breakfast
7 Miles E. Hwy. 98 Rt 302
Page, AZ 86040